I say Yoga, you think...


Yoga conjures up many things to different people from lentil weaving hippies to super healthy, super bendy yogis.


Please find below FAQ to hopefully shed some light

Frequently asked questions

Don't I need to be flexible?

Social media showcases many Yogis in all kinds of poses looking super toned and super flexible. You don’t need to have that level of flexibility to begin.
Practicing yoga regularly will increase your flexibility and even your tightest muscles will begin to relax. All that is needed, is patience and practice

Why should I come to Trinitytreeyoga?

We won't intimidate you, we won't make you feel like you can't keep up. Our classes are small and operate like a community. We look at each other and my expertise will ensure that you will always have the practice you need to improve and enjoy.

Where is the studio and is there parking?

Trinitytreeyoga is a small boutique studio which is set in the grounds of the owners property. Our address can be found on the 'I want to start yoga' page or please call 07415507266 for details of location.
There is parking, which should be ample for the capacity of the studio. Please park with consideration to maximise the space available. TTY can not take responsibility for vehicles parked and items are left at owners risk.

What do I need to bring

Trinitytreeyoga provides all mats, blocks, belts and bolsters and blankets of course you're welcome to bring your own mat and equipment. If you wish to bring a blanket you may, though these are not essential.

I have an injury can I still attend a class?

Yes, yoga is suitable for people of all abilities and strengths, if it is an old injury yoga can be a great way to rehabilitate and build strength. If it is a new injury you need to be mindful and take modifications given. Always inform us about any injuries old or new. Yoga shouldn’t hurt if you listen to your body, it knows best.

Can I lose weight?

A healthy diet and regular Yoga practise will help stimulate weight loss & tone muscles. Some types of yoga are designed to build heat and keep up the heart rate throughout the class. If you’re looking for an aerobic workout, then look at any class under Energising as these might be the class for you, if looking for a more considered type of yoga, then look at classes under Calming as they might will better suited. Visit our classes page.

Are there facilities?

Trinitytreestudio has a small changing space and toilet. Cold water is provided for all of our classes. When we hold workshops, water and hot drinks are always provided.

I am pregnant, can I do a yoga class?

If you are less than 15 weeks pregnant we recommend that you take time to adjust the exciting changes happening to your body. From 15 weeks plus we would be delighted to welcome you at our Pregnancy yoga classes. Even if you have never done yoga before pregnancy yoga is suitable for a beginner.

Why should I come to a MUM2B yoga class at Trinitytreeyoga?

To truly get the best yoga for you as a mum to be or new mum you will need a qualified pre/postnatal yoga guide. Mum2B yoga classes under Trinitytreeyoga was created to offer you that. The teaching is of the highest calibre, and I am here to share my own personal pre/postnatal yoga learning and practice with you and help you to understand how you can use the ancient yoga system to help support you in birth. But its not just about the teaching its also the supportive, fun, student community we are looking to grow.

I practiced yoga before will a Mum2Byoga class be suitable ?

Our classes will show you how to modify your existing practice and add in particular sequences that are helpful for your baby’s positioning and for birth itself.
As pregnancy progresses it is a good idea to listen to your body and adapt your practice so you are working safely. You can also make your practice stronger, as suits you. Just come along and chat it through.

I have just had a baby, when can I start doing yoga?

The first 6 weeks is adjusting to a new life being part of yours. We very much welcome you and your baby to our Mummy&Me postnatal course after this precious period. You can then connect with other mothers who are going through the same experiences as you and do a form of exercise with your baby beside your side and involved.

Why do I have the register with Zoom?

Trinitytreeyoga takes all of its students security and privacy extremely seriously. To ensure that only autorised users can access the online classes it is requirement to register. This provides additional security measures and provides security,

What will I need for a Online Class?

Not much, ideally a yoga mat or carpet/soft surface, a device computer, laptop or Smart phone with video and audio capability. Some space to able to lift arms and legs. You will be asked to share your video and audio to make the class interactive and to participate with others and of course, to be able to interact with te teacher and vice versa.