Its Springtime! We have emerged from the dark period of Winter and we should be feeling as if we are returning to a new beginning. However, this Spring is different we emerged from those Dark months metaphorically because COVID19 has travelled along with us this Spring time. For many of us the 'dark period' may feel like it has remained.

So lets look ahead, as the days become longer we have the opportunity to restore ourselves physically and energetically. So with the new launch of Trinitytreeyoga On Demand my latest offering looks at poses that will aid with detoxifying and cleansing. Taking standing twists poses which move us down to ground into Yin and Restorative postures.

The focus is on wringing out the digestive system and creating a steadiness to help us to prepare to renew. Slowing us down to move mindfully through the sequence. Hope you enjoy the Spring!

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