Mindful Ways to Enhance Your Yoga Practice

Photo by Burst One of the best aspects of yoga practice is the potential for unlimited growth. Especially for those who are still new to the practice. As your skills evolve, it is important to continue to broaden your horizons, and you can do this through the help of technology and even simple changes like meditation. Below are some useful tips to help you expand and grow your yoga abilities.

Approach Your Routine With Intention

In order to improve your yoga practice, begin by setting an intentional weekly or monthly goal for your practice. Whether you are learning new positions or finding new ways to deepen your current routine, it is important to give yourself a goal on which to focus. If you need assistance with finding and tracking your goals, consider a yoga app that you can use for both studio and at-home practice. Apps like Asana Rebel and Yoga Studio provide a means of tracking your practice, as well as a database of yoga positions and routines, to help you meet your practice goals.

Yoga Practice is About Quality, Not Quantity

It can be easy to push yourself to improve, and with yoga, this can result in injuries, fatigue, and burnout. If you are feeling tired or overwhelmed, remember to take a step back and give yourself permission to practice for a shorter period of time. Doing yoga for as little as 15 minutes per day still offers a range of health benefits, without risking your mental or physical well-being. It’s okay to take some time to ensure that you are working at a beneficial pace and not overdoing it.

It’s also worth reminding that your practice is your own journey, and it’s best to avoid comparing yourself to others. Regardless of their level of practice or the difficulty of their poses, every yoga practitioner faces different challenges. Be kind and forgiving of both yourself and others, and allow yourself to practice poses, breathing, and meditation that will help you achieve your personal goals.

Expand Your Comfort Zone

While it is important not to overextend yourself during your yoga routine, it is equally important to explore options outside your comfort zone, to help you expand your practice and deepen your yoga routine. Don't be afraid to take risks with your practice and try poses and breathing techniques you have never used before, and be aware that you may not succeed the first time you try a new pose. Just as when you first started your yoga practice, there will be poses that you will need to try repeatedly, and you may need to perform routines with modifications until your body has adjusted to meet the strength and flexibility needs for your new routine. It is okay to fail! Failure is just one of the first steps on your path to a better understanding of your yoga practice.

Mindfulness In Practice

When practicing yoga, breathing and mindfulness are key. It is not enough to simply perform the poses, you must breathe into them and open your heart and mind. As you follow the steps of your routine, whether you are using comfortable, established poses or exploring new ones, be sure to focus on deep breathing and remain present in your mind. If this is easier said than done, look for ways to build on your meditation practice.

For example, you can try the Headspace and Breethe apps for useful guided meditation and effective breathing exercises. Or look to your local studios to see if they offer meditation workshops. Sometimes having someone guide you through different techniques can open a whole new world. If you’re practicing mindfulness at home, maximize your focus and promote positivity by clearing out any bad energy by sweeping up messes, decluttering, and letting in some natural light.

Yoga can be a lifelong quest and remember that your journey is your own. Be kind and allow yourself to expand and grow naturally, and you will find that your yoga and your practice will improve significantly.

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