Investing in You

Don' worry I am not about to start to talk about stocks and shares! But this week as been about reflecting and to reflect, well you need time! In these present times we can all feel 'Time Poor'. How can I fit all in? How can take time for me? How can I possibly fit in time for yoga? I know I need to, I know need to look after my own well-being, but something or someone takes you away from you!

If we fail to take some time for ourselves and we keep adding the 'something''s and 'someone's' its eventually going to catch up with us. We then don't have time to reflect, we don't have time to give to ourselves, our well-being starts to decline and our physical and mental state gets hit!

I use love to be able to get on my mat for a 75 minutes or 90 minute class, but when you have a family and others around then something has to give. The give for me wasn't giving up, it was adapting with how my life had adapted and changed. I just cant get back to my beloved yoga studio where it all started for me, I can't fit in a 90 minute personal practice with a three year old begging for time.

I do know that for my well-being I still need to invest in time to learn, to explore, try things out and fail, try things out and succeed in my Yoga. So that I can be a teacher who can enrich the people who invest in me, in helping them learn yoga and explore and discover themselves. My yoga practice looks very different to back when I was a younger version of myself. I have adapted to balance it into my lifestyle, so a 20 or 30 minute flow in my week, makes me feel like I'm winning!

So my reflection this week, if that's my challenge, my battle to keep yoga alive and well, then that has to be the same for my lovely yogis' out there who like what I do. So for you, the person who can't get to a studio, or to the person who says, 'this is the week', I am going to get my mat out and do a full 60 minutes home practice, but the works piles, up the family are demanding your time or the reminder of the chores are ever present in the space you were going to unroll your yoga into, then I get it.

So that is what has spurred me on, to share with you a options, the option to access my teaching with you when I cant be there with you. So TrinityTreeYoga Online has risen, on the back of my on reflections, listening to your comments and putting myself in your shoes. Its in its infancy, but I hope for it to grow it into a solution, and world wish continues to help you learn, explore and develop, to make you the best version of you, fit, strong and supple.

Shorter sessions, sessions to help learn about the poses, sessions to work areas of the body, I know effects us all. Learning how to breath, to create a space for us to energise or to clam. It will be available here for you to discover as and when you need it. I want this to be Your Space, so feel free to let me know what you want to see here. I also want to invest in you, so you will regularly see content which will be given to you, as a freebie ,from me to you.

I hope you enjoy investing in you I certainly do!