Updated: Apr 13, 2020

At Trinitytreeyoga we try to consider the chakras in our Yoga Classes. Western science doesn't provide enough evidence about physical manifestations of spiritual energy. Still, in Eastern traditions studies of the seven chakras and their alignments are very important. These studies have roots in the belief that only aligned and open chakras allow for constant and free flow of Prana or life energy through them. The traditional practices such as meditation, yoga or reiki are all related to chakras and enhance the flow of energy.

How to tell if your Root chakra is blocked.

There are a number of symptoms that you can experience if your root chakra is blocked. The most common ones include fear, anxiety disorders and even nightmares. If the blockage manifests physically, it is usually through the problems with elimination and colon, with bladder, lower back, feet or with legs.

How to tell if your Sacral chakra is blocked.

Blockage of sacral chakra manifests through general emotional instability or through feeling creatively uninspired, fearing change, feeling depressed or indulging in addiction-like behaviours. Physical manifestations of sacral chakra misalignment include sexual dysfunctions.

How to tell of your Solar Plexus chakra is blocked

If the solar plexus is blocked you may experience symptoms such as difficulty making decisions, low self-esteem or even control of anger issues. The symptoms may not necessarily mean that you will feel badly about yourself, but this chakra blockage may lead you to procrastinate, express consent apathy or that others may take advantage of you very easily/ Physical manifestations included digestive issues, tummy ache or problem with gas.

How to tell if your Heart chakra has been blocked.

It will open doors to emotions such as jealousy, anger, fear of betrayal, grief and hatred towards others and you. Its common manifestations are through holding grudges against someone or something. When one holds onto hurt it nurtures their negative feelings, cutting them off from opportunities to achieve inner peace and to love.

ow to tell if your Throat chakra is blocked.

Blockage of this chakra manifests in peculiar ways. Affected of a blockage here will prevent a person from speaking their truth and will find it difficult to remain focused and pay attention and will often fear being judged by others. These manifestations can even hinder their ability to see things around them clear as they really are. Physical manifestations of this chakra misalignment are sore throats, issues with thyroid gland, shoulder and neck stiffness and headaches.

How to tell if the Third eye chakra is blocked.

Blockages here manifest through troubles to trust your inner voice and access your intuition, to remember important facts or to learn new skills. what is typical for this chakra, if the lower ones, root, sacral, solar and heart are misaligned, it mean that this one will be unbalanced as well. This imbalance may mean to act dismissively to be judgmental and to turn into you. Physical manifestations associated with the third eye chakra blockage include dizziness, headaches and issues with brain health. Psychological manifestations include anxiety, depression and judgemental behaviours.

How to tell if the Crown Chakra is blocked.

This can cause feelings of emotional distress, isolation and disconnection from other people and events. You may feel quite usual but will be missing feelings of enlightenment and spiritual meditative connections. The crown chakra can be fully open most often through specific meditative or yogic exercise an often only at certain times. To open the crown requires acquired skills and time and practice. To open this chakra starts with daily practice of meditation to allow yourself to be rewarded with moments of spiritual connection and inner peace.

Look to start with a Mala to help you keep focused on a meditative process and see how you can bring this into your yogic practice with that focus of the five sense onto the breath.